Korea Computer Graphics Society Conference 2016

We attended Korea Computer Graphics Spciety Conference 2016 held in Seorak Delpino resort. Two members (Gyuhyun Lee and Junyoung Choi) gave podium presentations as follows: Gyuhyun Lee, Tran Minh Quan, and Won-Ki Jeong, Dual Dictionary Learning for Cell Segmentation in Bright-field Microscopy Images Junyoung Choi, Tran Minh Quan, and Won-Ki Jeong, Probabilistic Volume Rendering using High-dimensional Features Read More


This year, we have two presentations at ISBI 2016: Tran Minh Quan and Won-Ki Jeong, “Compressed sensing reconstruction of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI using GPU-accelerated convolutional sparse coding,” – Podium presentation Gyuhyun Lee, Tran Minh Quan and Won-KI Jeong, “Dual Dictionary Learning for Cell Segmentation in Microscopy Images” – Poster presentation ISBI podium presentation is Read More


We attended IEEE Visualization 2015, which was held in Chicago, US. We presented our on-going work on DSL for GPU-accelerated MapReduce system. We enjoyed Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza!