Visual Analytics Application for Zebrafish Brain Cells

Cell morphology is important to study the cellular organization and the physiological state of the cells. Analysis of cell morphology remains increasingly important, as the visual analysis aids in the detailed examination of microscopic cells. study of cell behavior, and also provides quantitative measure of its curvature, area, perimeter, eccentricity and additional metrics of nuclear Read More

Visual and Science computing in MapReduce framework

 Vispark : GPU-Accelerated distributed visual computing using spark With the growing need of big-data processing in diverse application domains, MapReduce (e.g., Hadoop) has become one of the standard computing paradigms for large-scale computing on a cluster system. Despite its popularity, the current MapReduce framework su ers from in exibility and ineciency inherent to its programming model Read More

High-performance computing for viscosity solution

Eikonal Equation The Eikonal equation has been widely used in diverse fields, such as geoscience and geophysics, computer vision, image processing, path planning and computer graphics. It is a nonlinear boundary value problem defined by a first order hyperbolic partial differential equation. The Eikonal equation represents the wave propagation from the seed region where the Read More

Two papers have been recently accepted

Recently, two papers from our lab have been accepted A fast mixed-band lifting wavelet transform on the GPU, Tran Minh Quan and Won-Ki Jeong, IEEE ICIP 2014 Vivaldi: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Processing and Visualization on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems, Hyungsuk Choi, Woohyuk Choi, Tran Minh Quan, David Hildebrand, Hanspeter Pfister, Won-Ki Jeong, IEEE Visualization Read More