This year, we have two presentations at ISBI 2016:

  • Tran Minh Quan and Won-Ki Jeong, “Compressed sensing reconstruction of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI using GPU-accelerated convolutional sparse coding,” – Podium presentation
  • Gyuhyun Lee, Tran Minh Quan and Won-KI Jeong, “Dual Dictionary Learning for Cell Segmentation in Microscopy Images” – Poster presentation

ISBI podium presentation is highly selective (~18%). Good job guys!

IMG_3122[1] IMG_3125[1] IMG_3139[1]Gyuhyun’s poster was very popular and many people were interested.

IMG_3140[1]Quan’s podium presentation!

IMG_3146[1]The best Czech lunch at a local restaurant, which we found accidentally.

IMG_3201[1]A very long subway escalator, which reminds me of North Korea!

IMG_3227[1]A pork leg… too big for three of us (we barely finish only a half of it)