Visual Analytics Application for Zebrafish Brain Cells

Cell morphology is important to study the cellular organization and the physiological state of the cells. Analysis of cell morphology remains increasingly important, as the visual analysis aids in the detailed examination of microscopic cells. study of cell behavior, and also provides quantitative measure of its curvature, area, perimeter, eccentricity and additional metrics of nuclear morphology for large populations of cells. Analysis of the cells based on their morphological differences is applied to study the differentiation of stem cells, cancer cells, and in hematology.

This project is utilized in biologycal research such as classifying abnormal cells or idioblast. In this research, I propose visual analytics application for zebrafish brain cells which used EM(Electron microscope) Image and morphology information of brain cells.

The zebrafish brain has approximately 17-Million cells. It is distributed in 3D space. Also they entangled. And size of original EM volume data is more than 1TB. Therefore it is hard to analyze morphology of cells in high resolution. And it can not provide new insight to biological scientist.

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